Becoming Warren Buffett Watch Online

Becoming Warren Buffet Watch Online, one of best motivational movies that teach life lessons of a simple guy that became one of the richest men on earth from scratch into billions. Warren Buffett was born in Omaha Nebraska in 1930 during the stock market crash. He ‘loves numbers’ so much that he started a business at age 11, as a young boy he is not very competitive but reads a lot. As a boy, he soCoca-Colaola, Liberty Magazines, and bubblegum deliver papers in which he earned a penny per paper. He was the boss of his own and he will show you how he started Berkshire Hathaway which was about buying and selling stocks and lead him to have a net worth of 67.3 billion dollars.

Becoming Warren Buffett Watch Online also shows how one dream of becoming a millionaire as a kid had came true, he says, “If you know why you’re doing what you’re doing, that is good enough”‘ a famous quote from his father. He started selling stocks at the age of 20 while learning books about investment in his father’s office. He is married to Susie Buffett with three children namely Susie, Peter and Howie. Warren is busy making money and his wife takes good care of the children, he chooses to come back in Omaha because it is the best opportunity to conduct business.
Their first share in Berkshire Hathaway was in 1962, in Northern Textile business which was to become extinct. He bought some stock then sell it in modest profit and he keeps buying more stocks. Lesson learned: he constructed a business that fits him. Becoming Warren Buffett Watch Online is worth it to see and how this Big boss still have the same twenty five employees working for him until now.

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