Becoming Warren Buffett Movie

Becoming Warren Buffett gives the world a peek at the events that have made Warren Buffett who he is today. He learned how to invest wisely from his dad, who was a stockbroker and later a congressman. He also learned to be honest with him. Seeing his sisters being limited by the fact that they are female helped him to develop a desire to see women treated as equals to men in every facet of society. He says he is very bullish on America because women are “in there” like never before.

Warren became an investor as an eleven-year-old and, even at that young age, had an uncanny ability to size up both companies and people. He was the general partner of Buffett Partnership, Ltd. by the time he was thirty-five. In May 1965, Warren bought enough Berkshire Hathaway stock to take control of the company. The chairman had attempted to cheat him so he changed the management and the Buffett- Berkshire Hathaway history began. It is now a global investment firm and is worth over sixty-five billion dollars. When his good friend Bill Gates’s dad asked the two of them to write the one word that had helped them, they both wrote ‘focus’.

Warren says he finds it enjoyable to sit and think about business or investment problems. “They’re easy, it’s the human problems that are the toughest. Sometimes, there is no good answer for human problems there’s almost always a good answer with money.” His late wife Susie commented “Just because you’re in close proximity to Warren doesn’t mean he’s there with you. He’s so cerebral, you see”. Though she left Omaha to live her own life, she and Warren remained close. Susie brought Astrid into his life to look after him and she continues to do that well.

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