Becoming Warren Buffet Trailer

Early Life and School
The Becoming Warren Buffett Trailer is an encapsulation of the life of Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett is reportedly a financial genius who from a young age fell in love with numbers, which later led him to business school and to start trading in stocks. An excellent way to view the Becoming Warren Buffett Trailer is thru the eyes of a person wanting to learn about a man who is probably the most significant financial investor of all time.
Warren Buffett was born and raised in Omaha, Nebraska and came from a poor to lower-middle-class home. Warren Buffett had an eager desire from his early teens to start a small business and grow his money as shown in the Becoming Warren Buffett Trailer.
Despite the four colleges he attended, Warren Buffett prizes his certificate from the Dale Carnegie Public Speaking Course more than any other document or diploma. Waren Buffett admitted that if it weren’t for the Dale Carnegie Public speaking course his life would have been much different. Public speaking gave Warren Buffett courage to speak before a crowd of people and be confident.

Philanthropic Work
Besides being a very successful investor, the Becoming Warren Buffett Trailer showed the tremendous amount of time and resources Warren Buffett donates to others. He has pledged most of his wealth to his long-time friends, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and believes by helping solve the most significant problems of humanity one at a time is what he wants to accomplish thru his philanthropic efforts.
The Becoming Warren Buffett Trailer is a synthesis and snapshot of the life of Warren Buffett who is the worlds most significant investor, yet he still stays in the same home he was raised and enjoys helping others thru the Billions of dollars given thru philanthropy.

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