Are Warren Buffet and Jimmy Buffet Related?

The musician Jimmy Buffet seems to be related to the 83 billion dollar worth Warren Buffet. Both people seem to share a family name, both seem to have the same success financially, and they both look like they can be brothers physically.

According to Forbes reports Jimmy Buffet was worth about 550 million in 2016 which left people skeptical about the relationship between the two moguls. Was Jimmy Buffet taking financial advice from Warren? Was Jimmy Buffet associated with Warren Buffet’s many financial investments behind the scenes and benefiting from his many business ventures?

It turns out after much speculation Jimmy and Warren confronted this topic and took it upon themselves to do a DNA test to find out for sure if they were related. They took a 23andMe DNA test. The Times reports that the test came back negative and they are in fact not related whatsoever.
After the fact, they still remained closed and referred to each other as “Uncle Warren” and “Cousin Jimmy”. After they found out about the ancestry results Warren offered Jimmy more advice about his finances. He told him to increase his income, even more, he should expand his brand by hiring more people to support him and get involved in multiple streams of income. This will ensure that you are always working when you’re not. Making your own money work for itself is one of the key lessons from Warren Buffet.

In conclusion, even though they’re not related in any way, they continue to share same characteristics as each other and support each other as if they were family in the first place.

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