An Inside Look At Warren Buffett’s Marriage.

Can you imagine what it must be like to be the richest stock investor in the world? Well, Warren Buffett knows exactly what its like. But you won’t find the 87 year old billionaire boasting about his riches, or even riding around with a super model wife. In fact, Warren was married to his first wife for almost forty years until her demise in 2007 and which point he married his long time friend Astrid Menks the next year. Warrens wife was very active in the family business, taking her role in he company very seriously. Susan Buffett was also very heavy in the non-profit community, often times singing at donation events and fund-raisers for many organizations.

It has been said that Susan Buffett set the marriage with Astrid up long before her death, as it was already known that her and Astrid Menks were long term friends. Astrid actually moved in with the Buffetts in 1971 and had been with them for most of the marriage, and would keep Warren company when Susan was away. An odd setup to say the least, but within a year of her death Warren Buffett married Astrid Menks and they have been together ever since. There were no other women in Warren Buffetts life, and he is known to keep an extremely low profile often times not even mentioning his wife.

It is already known that Warren Buffett is not an extravagant kind of guy, and this translates over to his marriage as well, where he is a very modest husband. His current wife is also very modest, and keeps active with much of the philanthropy that Warren and his previous wife had embarked on. This is an important part of their marriage, and it has been said that once Warren Buffett passes away much of his fortune will go to charity.

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