All About Warren Buffett

The autobiography of American Financial philanthropist Warren Buffett is now available on many platforms such Android Amazon and iOS. When Warren Buffett graduated from high school in 1947 everyone already knew that he would be a marketing genius as he was a genius in mathematics as well. The autobiography named the snowball will refer to Warren Buffett’s life and The Business of investing written by Alice Schroeder the book features an inside look at the well reserved private philanthropist’s life and his secrets to his investing.

From his early life as a high-school graduate to his later years in his first stages of investing in philanthropy all we know about the private endeavors of Warren Buffett are in this book the book is on sale at Barnes & Noble as well as Books-A-Million in other bookstores in your local area. Give me the rare event meaning Warren Buffett rarely speaks on an hourly basis to anyone but he is sit down and laid out a map and timeline of his life from friends to foes and allies and enemies this book will keep in the deep in the view of Warren Buffett’s life which is not given so generously to others this book would be a great book for young investors to purchase as well as including the legendary Omaha story to tell still to this day Warren Buffett donates millions of dollars to Charities all over the world and in his hometown of Omaha Nebraska Warren Buffett is known as the third richest man in the United States and if the chairman of Berkshire Hathaway his current net worth sits at 82.7 million dollars setting the example that nice guys can win and it’s not where you are it’s who you so go grab a copy of this book.

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