A Tale Of The Two Buffetts

Although there has been a common confusion of any actual family ties between Jimmy and Warren Buffett, the two both share the same surname though they may not really be related. They may have their differences but they do in fact, share three common interest. Apart from being hopelessly wealthy the two enjoy playing stringed instruments and carrying guns on their waist. To answer the question that was eating away at everyone, the Buffets decided to travel to 23andMe to undergo a DNA test that would determine if their ancestors had actually crossed paths. There were several different forms of examinations that could have been performed on “The Buffet’s”.

The Y-chromosome was the obvious genetic code to dissected from the two men because this gene is copied and transferred directly from the father. However, the answer to the question that everyone had been dying to know for years had finally been revealed. The specialist I came to the conclusion that there is a high possibility that “The Buffet’s” could be long lost cousins but there is honestly no correlation between their DNA that suggest anything further. The results of the DNA test had no severe impact on their friendship status. The two are still currently supporters and fans of one another. Jimmy and Warren are even very close friends that share a common determination to succeed. As of now, Jimmy Buffett is currently focusing on progressing his career as a musical professionalist and Warren stands strong in his dedication to donate all of his wealth to less fortunate charities. Warren even plans to devote his life to giving away as much money as he possibly can before he passes.

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