A Look At Warren Buffett’s Inspirational Speeches.

When it comes to the stock market sometimes investors can become very greedy, and become consumed with the idea of money and wealth. While it is great to be hungry, and even better to want to build a secure future for your family. Becoming so consumed with wealth that you lose sight of your grounding is an awful thing, and when it comes to becoming an investor you definitely don’t want to get stuck in a downward spiral. Warren Buffett is a billionaire and is one of the wealthiest men in the world, currently sitting at a healthy number five right under his good friend Bill Gates.

Warren Buffett is known for not only his inspirational speeches but for just being an inspiration to millions of people in general. The Oracle of Omaha as they call him has been in the investment business for over fifty years, and with such a long-standing career it is quite easy to understand why so many people respect and love Warren Buffett so much. He is intensely frugal with his money, often still seen at the Omaha Mcdonalds that is located near his home eating his favorite sausage biscuit and coke for breakfast. Warren Buffett has also kept his same home for fifty years, often times saying that it is the best investment that he has ever made.

In a more recent inspirational speech, he told a crowd how he is part of the giving pledge, where billionaires from all around the world have pledged to give a good deal of their money away. These are just a few instances where Warren Buffett has slowly changed the world and will continue to make positive changes in the world with his humble attitude and stellar financial knowledge that has helped millions of people grow their money the right way.

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