A Fighting Democracy

Affect that misses everyone today it’s affecting Warren Buffett is a Democrat won both is the third richest man in the world so many would think you would be a republican Warren Buffett has dedicated his life to helping people and in this case he chooses to be a Democrat not because of many reasons that the general public because of his own personal reason and wanting to help the current state of the economy he believes Democrats will do far better for the people than Republicans would. When the 2008 election when Obama versus McCain was happening President Obama had the undying support of Warren Buffett Warren Buffett hosted the dinner at President Obama’s honor not just any dinner $30,000 per plate dinner that means said the dinner was full of high-level executive people in this sponsored many of Obama’s connections, Warren Buffett once stated that to John McCain that you need to know about any of his views before he got any support from him. Over the course of time, Warren Buffett will only get better and his views will stay the same as many people have been wondering about this private man’s life but he has yet to expose any secrets except in his book and occasionally through quotations. One thing is for sure or Warren Buffett stands for the people and that is why he is for democracy he can easily be a Republican and pocket way more money but he chooses the high road so that everyone has a fair chance knowing that everyone’s living circumstances are different he chose to hold nothing over anyone’s head and look for the better tomorrow for each and every person not just goes with or without money this is one reason why Warren Buffett donates so heavily to many Charities around the world.

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