A Few Lessons For Investors and Managers from Warren Buffett

A Few Lessons For Investors And Managers From Warren Buffett is a book writer Peter Bevelin. This is a book that picks the best teachings from Billionaire Warren Buffett about investment. According to Warren Buffett, the main reason why he is successful with business is that he thinks like an investor. If business managers could start thinking like investors, then they stand a huge chance of succeeding. There is also another perspective that Warren talks about.

An investor must also think like a businessman. When these two perspectives are combined, then success is automatic. This book is compiled following the business and investment life of Warren. It focuses on what managers and other investors can learn from the legend of investment himself. There are other books, but this one is written in easy to understand language.

In this book, Warren Buffett himself takes readers through the process he has been through as an investor. He tells managers about making business valuations and how to pick out the good and bad business. He goes on to provide insight on reducing risk, learning from mistakes and importance of trust in business. These are not the only details he reveals. Reading the whole book will leave any business person enlightened and thinking more like an investor.

One thing Warren Buffet can be credited with is being generous with information, he tries to use various channels, one of them being books to talk to the business people on how to succeed in business as he has done. Warren Buffett is undeniably the best investor of the century especially in the field of stock investments. This book should be a must-read for any aspiring business person or investor. Warren Buffett life in business and investment is one to be replicated. He has done it so smoothly that the dream of many young investors is to be like him.

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