80 Million Dollar Man

One may find themselves asking what is one of the richest man in the world actually worth well I am here to give you some insight on that Warren Buffett third richest man in the world is essentially worth 82.7 million dollars at the exact moment Warren Buffett does not have a collection of cars more than he have a collection of Real Estate Warren Buffett is not that type of millionaire he is more of a philanthropist giving his money and making the situations of people around him better rather than being at the top of a mountain looking down and everybody this is one reason why Warren Buffett does not support Republican candidates usually he is all for the Democratic Party. Being the third richest man in the world that does come with some type of ego not for Warren Buffett of course for the competition everyone in competition and inside of his company spies on warm but if it’s a claim top stock picks because they feel like this is what’s going to make the most money in all reality Warren Buffett does not care about losing money and that’s why he makes more money than them. No one will ever know how much money Warren Buffett actually has due to the constant fluctuation of the stock market but it’s safe to say that Berkshire Hathaway has a collective of 1.6 billion stocks in his grasp and 160 million of those stocks are Apple Incorporated stocks altogether worth 28 million dollars the price of the stock of fall or apple could just close there are countless ways to lose your money in the stock market Warren Buffett invests so they if he does suffer a loss he can get his money right back from another resource rather than taking a loss.

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