3 Things Warren Buffett Does to Unwind

In today’s day and age, everything is fast-paced. From stores that sell everything so you don’t have to stop to drive through pharmacies and fast food, it seems almost like a sin to slow down and take time for yourself. This is especially true when it comes to corporate America, where overworking is lauded more than anything. But, regardless of whether you’re a workaholic or not, everyone has to take time to unwind.

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett works more because he loves his job than anything, and while we’ve spent a lot of time looking at his business and what makes him so successful, one thing that most people overlook is what Buffett does in his free time, when he’s unwinding from a long day of investing and business decisions.

Here are 3 things Buffett does to unwind: 

1. Read

Reading has been proven to help not only better yourself, but also helps relieve stress better than watching TV does. And, even more important, it might even part of Buffett’s immense success. Buffett, it’s estimated, reads around 500 pages a day.

2. Play a game that requires thought

Buffett is a huge fan of Bridge, a card game that requires the player to not only make calculations but take, risks, and use plenty of reasoning. Buffett has said multiple times that Bridge has helped him be better at investing as well. Buffett reportedly plays online with his friend Bill Gates occasionally.

3. Have a hobby

To most of us, this might seem like a very obvious thing, but more and more people are not engaging in any kind of productive hobbies (I’m not really sure binge watching The Walking Dead is going to count). Buffett, however, plays the ukulele and enjoys spending time with his family.

Did you notice anything that all three of these things have in common? All three are both A) non-electronic and B) better Buffett in some way. Even music helps reduce stress and provides an enjoyable outlet.

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