2017 Lunch Auction With Warren Buffett

The Glide Foundation, a foundation that helps the homeless people of San Francisco, will be benefited by the 2017 auction on eBay. One lucky winner, who bids the most, will have the pleasure of having lunch with none other than the business tycoon himself, Warren Buffett. The person who wins and bids the highest will have the opportunity to bring seven friends along with them for the lunch with Warren Buffett. This bid will not come cheap, Mr. Buffett is a force to be reckoned with and the bids can easily roll into the millions. People love Warren Buffett and the idea of having lunch with him, sharing a meal, and talking about what is important, can surely be worth the top dollar bidders are willing to pay. In auctions from the past, Warren Buffett helped alone to raise about close to twenty-four million dollars. With this kind of numbers and the price, bidders are willing to pay, it is no surprise that the lunch with Warren Buffett is a highly popular thing. Warren Buffett knows so much, and has so many years of wisdom to share, that whoever does win the bid, not only will be helping a great cause but probably helping themselves to. These kind of numbers in bidding are flattering, and for Warren Buffett, it is no wonder why the bids go so high. Last years bidder to have lunch with Mr. Buffett went as high as almost three and a half million dollars. This year who knows, maybe Mr. Buffett can double that.

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