13 Habits that Made Warren Buffett A Billionaire

Warren Buffett has unique stock-picking skills that are usually right half the time, hence why he is called ‘The Oracle of Omaha.’ Buffett only invests in companies that meet certain criteria. A habit of Buffett’s is integrity. Buffett also makes time for his hobby, the ukulele. Reading a lot is also the third habit of billionaires, reading a book a week on average increases creative thinking as well as causes stimulation of memory for the brain.

Working out daily also serves as the fourth habit of billionaires who need to work out in a good way. Exercising helps reduce stress. Walking can also boost creativity by 60%. Meditation is a fifth habit of billionaires, daily. Yoga is a sixth habit of billionaires because yoga is relaxing and helps the mind cope with stress through the breathing exercises as well as the postures. Yoga also helps the immune system deal with incoming diseases. The 7th habit of billionaires is to never stop learning because one of Buffett’s most endearing traits is to limit his activities to a few kinds that he can maximize his attention to. Buffett figured out what he is good at and he sticks with it.

The 8th habit of billionaires is to practice new skills, to fake it until you make it. Practice makes you a master of your craft. You cannot make decisions on impulse, a 9th, habit of billionaires, is to make decisions by sleeping on it. A 10th habit of billionaires is to be patient in all things. The 11th habit of billionaires is to give credit when credit is due since what others do are just as important to Buffett as he does. Earning money and saving it is the 12th habit of billionaires, and finally, the 13th habit is to know whom to trust with your money.

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