11 Events Planned for the Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Weekend

The 50th edition of the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting will kick off this weekend in Omaha, and the person behind all of the quirky events is the planner that Warren Buffett affectionately calls the ringmaster.

Carrie Sova spends a good part of nine months per year planning the annual event, we learn from the Wall Street Journal’s Anupreeta Das. And her duties include hiring a design firm outside of the company in order to organize the 40 companies at the exhibition, plus figuring out a way to park an actual Burlington Northern Santa Fe train outside of the Centurylink Center in Omaha.

Whatever Buffett desires during this big event, Sova is the person that has to carry them out: “The big picture – any of the really good concepts… stemmed from Warren, and the little details of making all of it come together were worked out by our staff,” said the 30-year-old Sova, who was Warren Buffett’s second assistant until she ended up becoming the ringmaster, according to the Journal.

After taking a look at the visitor’s guide for the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder weekend, we have discovered 11 quirky Warren Buffett events that the ringmaster no doubt played a part in:

  • This year, the exhibition is opening one day earlier on a Friday, and there are a record 40,000 guests expected to pack into the 100,000 square-foot hall.
  • Former paperboy Warren Buffett is going to kick off the fourth annual newspaper toss, where participants must reach a front porch while throwing a folded Omaha World-Herald for 35 feet. The grand prize winner gets a DQ Dilly Bar.
  • Watson, the IBM supercomputer, will be on display in the exhibition Hall.
  • The Journal reports that on Saturday there will be a mini parade featuring a four horse Wells Fargo stagecoach and two Texas Longhorns steers.
  • There will be a quaint picnic with live piano music and some of the favorite foods of Warren Buffett – pizza, chips & cookies – on Saturday night and it’s hosted by Nebraska Furniture Mart.
  • Make your reservations now so that you can dine at two of Warren Buffett’s favorite steakhouses. It is reported that Warren Buffett will eat at both Piccolo’s and Gorat’s on Sunday. If you visit Piccolo’s, the billionaire investor recommends the root beer float.
  • On Sunday at some point, Warren Buffett will compete in a table tennis competition being held at the Regency Court shopping center.
  • If you’re not into table tennis, you could always take part in the 5K run sponsored by Brooks also being held on Sunday.
  • You have an opportunity to take on bridge champions Sharon Osberg and Bob Hammond on Sunday in the exhibition Hall.
  • Or you can enjoy the magical stylings of the Norman Beck magic show.
  • Let’s not forget about taking time to do some shopping. Special Berkshire Hathaway products will include the Berky Boxers and the Berky Bras, featuring cartoon versions of Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett’s faces.

And we are very sure that we are only just nipping the tip of the iceberg of things that are going to happen during this big event. You should expect many more surprises and plenty of junk food and soda on hand to enjoy.

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