Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge

Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in the world. At the time of writing, he was ranked second in the world with nearly $80 billion in net worth. Most of his wealth is actually in Berkshire Hathaway stock, which means that it is dependent upon the market. However, that doesn’t really mean that he’s not still incredibly wealthy.

However, despite his immense wealth, Warren Buffett lives a very frugal life. He still lives in the same house he purchased for $31,500 when he and his wife first married, and his total annual salary is around $100,000 a year—less than the current price of a single share of Berkshire’s Class A stocks. Regardless, the money doesn’t seem to be going to his head, as several years ago, Buffett started the Giving Pledge to donate most of his wealth to charity. Continue reading ‘Warren Buffett and the Giving Pledge’ »

2016: A Good Year for Buffett Overall

Well, 2016 is officially a wrap. It’s a new year, full of possibility, and chances are— even if you won’t admit it— you’ve got some hopes for the next year. As for what 2017 has in store for famous investor Warren Buffett and his conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway, we will have to wait and see, but we can say for sure that 2016 was a good year for Buffett.

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3 Things Warren Buffett Does to Unwind

In today’s day and age, everything is fast-paced. From stores that sell everything so you don’t have to stop to drive through pharmacies and fast food, it seems almost like a sin to slow down and take time for yourself. This is especially true when it comes to corporate America, where overworking is lauded more than anything. But, regardless of whether you’re a workaholic or not, everyone has to take time to unwind.

Multi-billionaire Warren Buffett works more because he loves his job than anything, and while we’ve spent a lot of time looking at his business and what makes him so successful, one thing that most people overlook is what Buffett does in his free time, when he’s unwinding from a long day of investing and business decisions.

Here are 3 things Buffett does to unwind:  Continue reading ‘3 Things Warren Buffett Does to Unwind’ »

Warren Buffett as a Father, as Told by Peter

Billionaire Warren Buffett is widely known for his successes in the investing world. And, while people often look to the wise octogenarian for advice in the investment world, it’s often overlooked that Buffett is a simple man like the rest of us.

He may be worth billions, but Mr. Buffett is a huge advocate of living a frugal lifestyle, or at least one within your means. And, unlike many wealthy people today, Buffett made a point to not feed his children with a silver spoon— so, what would it be like growing up under the rich and famous Warren Buffett?

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What is Warren Buffett’s Greatest Strength?

Warren Buffett is one of the world’s greatest businessmen and most certainly its greatest value investor. Since he took control of the failing Berkshire Hathaway in 1965, it has risen to become the sixth largest company in the world. His investing genius aside, Buffett is also a fountain of advice on life, careers, goals, business, and everything in between. He is an absolutely fascinating man, no matter how you look at it.

But, with all of his skills and failings, there is one thing that sets him apart from the rest, and it’s arguably the key to his success. That thing is an intense amount of discipline in all its forms; but most especially when it comes to investing. Continue reading ‘What is Warren Buffett’s Greatest Strength?’ »

Buffett on America’s Financial Literacy

Every year at the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting, president and CEO Warren Buffett opens up the floor to questions and discussion. Through that, Buffett has shared his thoughts and advice on just about everything that someone could think to ask the octogenarian.

At the annual meeting in 2009, Buffett expressed his concern for the current generations financial literacy. The basic understanding of financial areas like investing, budgeting, taxes, or even personal finance could be getting lost in today’s world.

“I think there’s a problem with the current generation… Financial literacy is a tough sell in a world of credit cards and calculators. But we’re making progress over time. We recommend working with students to make them literate, and they’ll have a terrific advantage. We hope our annual reports contribute,” Buffett commented.  Continue reading ‘Buffett on America’s Financial Literacy’ »

Why Doesn’t Berkshire Hathaway Pay Dividends?

Berkshire Hathaway is a remarkable company, not only because of its size and its celebrity chairman Warren Buffett, but for the way that the corporation does business. In addition to having a strict criteria for acquiring new businesses, the company also has never split its Class A stocks, and has only paid one dividend to its shareholders—a whopping $0.10 per share in 1967. Buffett joked that he must have been been in the bathroom when that decision was made.

Since 1967, two years after Warren Buffett assumed control of Berkshire Hathaway, the company has not made a single dividend payment to its shareholders, despite frequent lobbying for it at the annual shareholders meeting, record profits, and plenty of cash on the balance sheet to spare (at the time of writing, Berkshire Hathaway was estimated to have around $80 billion in cash sitting around). But, despite this, Buffett defends his decision to keep dividends within the company. Continue reading ‘Why Doesn’t Berkshire Hathaway Pay Dividends?’ »

Who Did Buffett Learn From?

Warren Buffett, the most famous investor of our time, is constantly being looked to for what stocks to invest in and general advice. He freely offers it up, letting us all learn from him, but what about Mr. Buffett— who did he learn from?

While there have been a lot of people who have had an impact on Buffett, the short answer to this is simple: Benjamin Graham.

“Graham obviously had more influence on me… I worked for Ben, I went to school under him, and the three basic ideas: look at stocks as businesses; have a proper attitude toward the market; and operate with a margin of safety–they all come straight from Graham.” Continue reading ‘Who Did Buffett Learn From?’ »

Buffett Advocates Living Within Your Means

Warren Buffett, despite currently being one of the richest people in the world, lives a surprisingly frugal lifestyle despite his wealth. In fact, his frugality is one of the reasons that we love Warren Buffet. However, contrary to popular belief, Buffett is less an advocate of extreme frugality and more a fan of simply living within your means.

As Buffett explains, there’s a fine line to be drawn when you’re deciding how much to save, how much to spend, and where to be frugal. The most important thing is to be mindful of the future, living within your means an income, and setting a good example for your children. Continue reading ‘Buffett Advocates Living Within Your Means’ »

Young Buffett’s Path to Fortune

By now, we all know that Warren Buffett is one of the wealthiest men in the world. And, while it’s no secret that Buffett has more money than you currently, chances are that young Mr. Buffett was way ahead of you, too.

Buffett had earned over $50,000 by the time he was 16. At that point, he was aware of his love for money (but not of his love for learning yet) and nearly didn’t go to college because he thought he was already on a path to success.

How did he do it? With these 6 jobs. Continue reading ‘Young Buffett’s Path to Fortune’ »