Warren Buffett’s Most Misunderstood Advice

Warren Buffett is one of the most quoted businessmen in the world. No matter what advice you’re looking for, there’s a good chance that the down-to-earth Warren Buffett has something to say about it. However, in being so often quoted and re-quoted (and sometimes even misquoted) the Oracle of Omaha has some advice that just seems to get lost in translation.

While the list of things that people take out of context and misconstrue is long, these five quotes are the ones that I hear over and over and, sadly, people widely misunderstand the meaning behind them. Continue reading ‘Warren Buffett’s Most Misunderstood Advice’ »

Berkshire Subsidiary Receives $650 Million Premium on $1.5 Billion Claim

One of Berkshire Hathaway’s insurance subsidiary’s, National Indemnity, recently entered a $1.5 billion reinsurance agreement with The Hartford Financial Services Group, more often referred to as The Hartford. Reinsurance, when multiple insurance companies share risk by spreading it between multiple insurers, allows high-risk clients to be covered though it wouldn’t be possible from a single insurance company.  Continue reading ‘Berkshire Subsidiary Receives $650 Million Premium on $1.5 Billion Claim’ »

7 Things Buffett Recommends To Be Happier in 2017

With the new year comes the chance to change things and start over. So, while you’re gearing up those New Year’s resolutions, we’ve compiled seven things that Warren Buffett has recommended for anyone looking to improve themselves and lead a happier, more successful life. Who knows; incorporating some of these tips and tricks from Warren Buffett might just make this year the best one yet!

1. Invest in yourself

You are your most important asset, and that means that you should invest in yourself first and foremost. How? Warren Buffett suggests reading as much as you can. In fact, he reads around 500 pages a day, and that knowledge will compound, helping you progress further in life. You can also do things like improving a skill or furthering your education. Continue reading ‘7 Things Buffett Recommends To Be Happier in 2017’ »

3 Ways Warren Buffett Made Money in 2016

2016 was a pretty great year for Warren Buffett; he made more than any other billionaire, increasing his wealth by about $12 billion, and reclaimed his spot as the second richest man in the world. Currently, the Oracle of Omaha is valued at $74 billion, and you might be wondering how he did it.

While Buffett is wise and knows his way around the stock market better than most of us, there was still a little bit of luck with a lot of strategy to boost Buffett’s fortune an entire $12 billion in the course of a year.  Continue reading ‘3 Ways Warren Buffett Made Money in 2016’ »

When Was Buffett Dubbed the “Oracle of Omaha”?

Since his rise in the business world and the coinciding rise in fame, the fabled Warren Buffett, chairman of Berkshire Hathaway, has been hailed as one of the greatest investors of our time. And, as the second richest man in the world with the fourth largest company in the world, it’s no surprise that people travel for miles to see him and listen to his advice.

In fact, Buffett has become known as the “Oracle of Omaha” or, less commonly, the “Sage of Omaha,” nicknames earned through his shrewd investing decisions, his uncanny ability to predict the market and, of course, his home city of Omaha, Nebraska. But where did the nickname first come from? Continue reading ‘When Was Buffett Dubbed the “Oracle of Omaha”?’ »

Buffett’s Shareholder Letter Highlights: 2015

Since Warren Buffett took over the management of Berkshire Hathaway in 1965, he has written an Annual Shareholder Letter outlining the progress of the company, setting goals, and discussing the culture and methodology of Berkshire Hathaway. And, while a good portion of each letter is devoted to a rundown of numbers for Berkshire Hathaway, scattered throughout each article is quite a bit of Buffett’s down-to-earth mentality and some fantastic financial advice.

In this series, I’m going to go through and highlight some of the best letters from 1965 through the present. There won’t really be that much of an order, and we won’t do every year, but inside you’ll find not only an interesting insight into Berkshire Hathaway, but also history and the mind of the Oracle of Omaha himself.

Today, we’re going to take a look at the Shareholder Letter from 2015. Being the most recent letter in a long run, this letter is pretty much what we have come to expect from Buffett. But first we’ll get some background on what was going on in Berkshire Hathaway that year. Continue reading ‘Buffett’s Shareholder Letter Highlights: 2015’ »

The Worst Advice Warren Buffett Ever Received

Known for his folksy wit, frugal lifestyle, successful business decisions, and his down-to-earth manner, Warren Buffett is a veritable fountain of information and advice for anyone looking for some direction or inspiration. No matter what topic you are interested in, from investing, to careers, finances, or personal matters, billionaire chairman Warren Buffett probably has some good advice for you.

But, at his age, it’s hard to remember that even the Oracle of Omaha once was young and received advice—both good and bad. Luckily, Buffett didn’t listen to what he counts as the worst advice he was given. If he had listened, then there’s a good chance that he would never have become the world’s greatest investor. Continue reading ‘The Worst Advice Warren Buffett Ever Received’ »

Warren Buffett and his Partner of Choice

One of Warren Buffett’s famous pieces of advice is to always keep cash handy. Ideally, this keeps him always ready to make a deal, no need for scraping together capital or figuring out what to sell in order to have the money on hand. It helps his conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway, ultimately be more secure.

Even with Berkshire typically keeping around $20 billion on hand, sometimes for larger deals, Berkshire teams up with other companies. In these instances, Berkshire’s partner of choice is 3G Capital, a Brazilian investment firm that has been around just over a decade. The biggest deals made with Berkshire and 3G include purchasing Heinz for $23 billion, and then merging Kraft and Heinz. Continue reading ‘Warren Buffett and his Partner of Choice’ »

Charities Warren Buffett Supports

Billionaire Warren Buffett, also called the Oracle of Omaha, is renowned for his investing genius, his folksy wisdom, and his management of the multi-billion dollar conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway. As one of the richest men in the world (at the time of writing, he was ranked second under Bill Gates and had a net worth of around $70 billion) Buffett could buy basically anything that he could want. But, anyone who knows anything about Buffett knows that’s not his style.

Instead, Buffett and Gates together created the Giving Pledge, in which they both committed to giving away most of their wealth. The pledge, which you can read about here, doesn’t specify how participants give their money away, but philanthropist Buffett has spread his money across several different charities. Here are a few of them: Continue reading ‘Charities Warren Buffett Supports’ »

Warren Buffett’s Wealth Through the Years

Warren Buffett is a very well-known name, if not for his investment strategies, then just because he is the second wealthiest man in the world. Granted, that has not always been the case. 86 year old Buffett actually acquired 99% of his net worth— valued at $73.1 billion currently— after his 50th birthday.

Buffett began making money at a younger age than most of us; at age 11 he purchased his first stock, and at age 14 he filed his first tax return. By the time he was graduating high school, Buffett had already sold a small business and purchased a 40 acre farm. Have you ever wondered how rich Warren Buffett was at your age?  Continue reading ‘Warren Buffett’s Wealth Through the Years’ »