Buffett Set to Win 10 Year Bet Against Hedge-fund Manager

Part of being an investor is taking some risks and, in essence, making bets on whether the market will go up or down, and which stocks will perform well with those fluctuations. Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, is much better at this kind of betting than most people, but even he isn’t perfect.

Ten years ago, an intrepid hedge fund manager placed an open bet that over the course of 10 years, a hedge fund portfolio could outperform the S&P 500. Buffett took the bet, and both parties pledged a cool $1 million to charity. And, while as of 2015 the bet was looking close to even, the 2016 figures have caused the hedge fund manager, Ted Seides, to concede defeat. Continue reading ‘Buffett Set to Win 10 Year Bet Against Hedge-fund Manager’ »

Warren Buffett Speaks About America’s Political Divide

Whether or not you support President Donald Trump and his new administration, no one can deny that the last year has been rough for America. The political divide between those who support the new administration and those who do not is now wider than ever and, if recent days are any indication, shows absolutely no signs of closing.

Recently, Yahoo Finance sat down with the great Warren Buffett to talk a little about the political situation. Buffett, a staunch supporter of Hillary in the 2016 election, has always been bullish on America. In fact, according to Buffett, while the recent political divide is deep, his bullish and overall positive attitude on the future of America hasn’t changed. Continue reading ‘Warren Buffett Speaks About America’s Political Divide’ »

10 Companies You Didn’t Know Buffett Owned

The list of companies that investing billionaire Warren Buffett is absolutely staggering. The holding company Berkshire Hathaway owns more than 60 companies and has an impressive investing portfolio with another 47 different companies. While there are a lot of boring companies and smaller companies that your average person won’t recognize, there are also some that everyone is familiar with. In fact, you interact with these everyday, whether or not you realize it.

Here are 10 common companies that you might not realize Buffett owns: Continue reading ‘10 Companies You Didn’t Know Buffett Owned’ »

Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting Live Stream Schedule

Often called the “Woodstock of Capitalism”, the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder’s Meeting provides shareholders the chance to ask questions of the great Oracle of Omaha and hear he and his right-hand man Charlie Munger speak on a variety of topics. The responses are all unscripted and the questions can be about basically anything.

For the second year in a row, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway will be live streaming its Annual Shareholder’s Meeting through Yahoo Finance. The actual stream itself will be going live starting at 10 a.m. ET on Yahoo Finance’s website, and will be available as a podcast on Monday.

Here’s the timeline of what those of you watching at home can expect: Continue reading ‘Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder’s Meeting Live Stream Schedule’ »

Why Warren Buffett Dislikes Twitter and Email

Warren Buffett’s dislike of technology is very well-known. Like many people his age, Buffett has often said that he just doesn’t understand it and for that reason has been resistant to investing in any kind of technology. And although Berkshire’s portfolio does currently contain Apple and IBM stocks, it took the Oracle of Omaha years to become comfortable enough to invest in technology.

However, while his business might slowly be moving towards technology, Buffett himself is still very analog. On his desk you’ll find neither a smartphone nor computer. In fact, Buffett himself is against both email and Twitter, saying that reacting instantly is a terrible idea. Continue reading ‘Why Warren Buffett Dislikes Twitter and Email’ »

Warren Buffett is Earning $6,731 Per Minute in Dividend Income

Yes, you absolutely read that right. Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world is earning around $6,731 per minute in dividend income this quarter. That translates to around $9 million per day, or a total of $882,004,712 in the entire second quarter of 2017.

Of course, those numbers are dependent on a number of factors, including most importantly that nothing in Buffett’s portfolio changes between now an the end of the second quarter (which is highly unlikely, even with Buffett’s preference for holding on to stocks for long periods). So, where is this money coming from? Continue reading ‘Warren Buffett is Earning $6,731 Per Minute in Dividend Income’ »

Study Shows Buffett is More Optimistic Than Not

Warren Buffett is something of an optimist. Reading any of his letters, or any quotes from him and you’ll see that with most things, especially topics relating to America and the economy, he is extremely optimistic about the way things are going.

Recently, Michael Toth, a data scientist in New York City, ran Buffett’s shareholder letters through a computer to analyze the prevalence of positive and negative wording in each letter. And as it turns out, Buffett is even more positive than you probably realize. Continue reading ‘Study Shows Buffett is More Optimistic Than Not’ »

What Was Warren Buffett’s Best Investment?

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, is the world’s top investor. While there are many others who have done well in the stock market, Buffett is by far the best. His track record for beating the S&P is outstanding, and people across the globe are clamoring to learn how to copy Buffett’s success.

Of course, while even the Oracle of Omaha makes mistakes, there are quite a few investments where he’s come out on top. In fact, one of his investments has, since the time he began purchasing the stock, skyrocketed to more than 13 times the price he originally paid. That stock is Coca-Cola. Continue reading ‘What Was Warren Buffett’s Best Investment?’ »

Buffett Shares Things A CEO Must Learn to be Successful

The main thing that Warren Buffett is known for is, unsurprisingly, investing. His track record with investing is simply incredibly stellar and earned him the title of “Oracle of Omaha” for his uncanny skill at knowing which companies will succeed and which will not. However, one thing that Buffett also does exceptionally well is management.

Berkshire Hathaway has one of the most interesting management styles around. The conglomerate, which owns more than 60 distinct companies, is gigantic and employs some 300,000 people. But, despite that, the Berkshire Hathaway headquarters has a staff of less than 30 people. It doesn’t engage in micromanaging, but rather empowers its leaders to do what they do best. Buffett is, in short, a great manager and CEO. Continue reading ‘Buffett Shares Things A CEO Must Learn to be Successful’ »

How Does Warren Buffett Choose Stocks?

A student of Ben Graham’s method of value investing, Warren Buffett has managed to beat the market more often than not. He is renowned as the world’s top investor and has garnered worldwide attention for his impressive investing skills. He’s also risen to become one of the richest men in the world.

While it’s not realistic to say that anyone could copy his success, researching Buffett and learning his methodologies can greatly help any investor better understand the market and make better choices. So, with that in mind, we’ve looked at several questions that Buffett asks when he is evaluating and choosing a stock or company to purchase: Continue reading ‘How Does Warren Buffett Choose Stocks?’ »