Buffett's secret to giving away billions

The latest news on Mr. Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway:
Warren Buffett reveals how he gives away billions with great pleasure.

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  1. I admire this generosity and without reservation. I just wonder if people like Warren Buffett and all the others who also have some clout in politics should not also try and influence politics to come round to more market-oriented policies. The EU's and US' agricultural policies alone are responsible for probably half (yes, half) the deaths from starvation in Africa and with starting to put food into fuels (and increasing the CO2 footprint at the same time, as studies show) they now cause rising food prices in places that used not to have to worry about their basic nutrition – even Mexico, but also half of Asia. No one nor any group of multi-billionaires can donate as much as these policies (and there are more) cost in lost welfare and lost lives. Why inoculate people who later die of hunger to put it succinctly. That doesn't take away from the laudable generosity, however, shelling out money to offset one's own politicians' misdeeds actually gives them more leeway to cause greater harm.

    • Am in search of assistance to work over 500 acre of farm land. My goal is to be able to take active contribution in the world food program. Please tell me how I can meet with Mr. Warren Buffet or any one willing to invest.

  2. wish a good health to Mr. Buffett in this 2014. I am residing in Ethiopia to make it happen on agriculture to support myself and others. I would be very thankful to get a help in any matters to accomplish my dream come true.
    Thank you
    Tsegai T. Zewelde

  3. I am a father of 3 girls and have always been a good provider working in the oilfields, the last few years as a supervisor well on my way to becoming a consultant. I recently got hurt and can no longer do the thing I have loved and been very good at for years. I am now looking into penny stocks to get started and build a good future for my family. I have read about Warren Buffett and am amazed by him. It makes me think that what I see is possible for anybody who is willing to put forth the effort to make it happen. I am willing and able to devote the time and effort to make a dream come true. You are inspiration. Thank You!

    Anthony W Roland

  4. Dear Mr. Buffet, I admire your attitude on how Americans can be successful. We have the resources here in the united states to do any business, the problem is the finances. My fiancé has an auto repair shop and he needs to expand his business. He needs a big space where he can incorporate more work. I have a bunch of ideas for his business, but the space is too small to add new features. If you have any advice on how I could take a new step to increasing revenue for this business I would like to know. Even a little guidance would go a long way. Seeking your advice would be an asset to creating a successful business.

    Thank you

  5. Good day, I am a female (40 years of age) living in South Africa. I love my country, I just wish there were more opportunities to evolve and rise out. I am a single mom with 3 beautiful kids. I don't really get any assistance from my ex-husband in raising the kids. I am sure every one knows how expensive everything is in life and I work very hard to provide my children with everything they need, but it is not always easy. I was left with all outstanding accounts which have to be paid and I just don’t know how to do this anymore. I have read about Mr. Buffett and his generosity, he is such a wonderful person. If it is at all possible for him to assist me financially to get out of debt and try to provide for my kids and their education, I would appreciate that tremendously. I trust that you get to read this and I sincerely hope to hear from you.

    Thank you and Regards

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