What Makes Warren Buffett Different from Other Billionaires?

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, is one of the world’s richest men. Exactly how rich he is changes by the day, as his wealth is tied up in Berkshire Hathaway stock, but usually he’s in the top five. At the time of writing, he’s currently number 2 with more than $70 billion to his name. The only  man richer is his friend Bill Gates.

However, despite his immense wealth, Warren Buffett isn’t your typical billionaire. While there are a dozen things that he does differently, it all boils down to one simple statement: he is not extravagant in the least. There are many things, in fact, that Warren Buffett does differently from other billionaires. Here are a few examples: Continue reading ‘What Makes Warren Buffett Different from Other Billionaires?’ »

4 Public Speaking Lessons That Changed Warren Buffett’s Life

Warren Buffett, the Oracle of Omaha, routinely speaks before thousands of people. He takes part in dozens of interviews and is one of the more quoted billionaires in the country. However, while he seems cool as a cucumber in front of the crowds, once he had an absolutely paralyzing fear of public speaking. In fact, he would get so nervous he often became ill before taking the podium.

“You can’t believe what I was like if I had to give a talk,” Buffett explained in the biography, The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life. “I would throw up.” Continue reading ‘4 Public Speaking Lessons That Changed Warren Buffett’s Life’ »

The Most Important Decision You’ll Ever Make According to Buffett

From the time you get up in the morning until your head finally hits the pillow at night, you are bombarded with choices. Some of them are important,  and will carry long-lasting effects into the future. Others, like what you want for breakfast, are slightly less important in the scheme of things. Regardless, we all make countless decisions constantly. However, there is one decision which will rank above all the others: who you are going to marry.

In fact, Warren Buffett names meeting and marrying his first wife, Susan Thompson, as the second most important thing that ever happened to him.

“What happened with me would not have happened without her,” he said in an interview about the recent HBO documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett.” His first wife, who died in 2004, was influential in Buffett’s career path and personal journey.

Buffett has spoken many times about how important it is to surround yourself with people that you want to be like, and that idea is important when deciding who you want to marry. After all, your spouse is likely the person you’re going to be spending the most time with.

“You want to associate with people who are the kind of person you’d like to be. You’ll move in that direction,” Buffett said. “And the most important person by far in that respect is your spouse. I can’t overemphasize how important that is.”


Is Buffett Betting on Wearables in 2017?

Warren Buffett is not famous for many things including his investing genius. However, there are some decisions, including his distaste for technology, which are equally legendary. Although the investing guru has begun investing in a few tech stocks like IBM and Apple, the idea of technology is still one that leaves Buffett a little wary because he doesn’t understand it well. However, it may be that opinion is beginning to change.

Recently, Berkshire Hathaway’s Richline Group, which creates and markets jewelry around the world, has announced that it will be expanding into the wearables market this spring with the launch of its new Ela product line. Ela stands for “Elegant Lifestyle Accessories” and the smart jewelry will allow users to set custom colors and vibrations to notify them of calls and texts from certain senders. Continue reading ‘Is Buffett Betting on Wearables in 2017?’ »

What Happens When You Get Rich, According to Buffett

What does it mean to be wealthy? Most people have an idea of what “rich” means, and what figure they would need in order to feel wealthy. It could be anywhere from $1 million to $100 million. Regardless, being wealthy is something that most people strive towards. But, what exactly does being wealthy mean? What is it like to be wealthy?

Of all the people in the world, Warren Buffett is probably one of the most qualified people to answer that question. The second or third most qualified, in fact, depending on the day. With his wealth (which is tied up in shares of his company Berkshire Hathaway) hovering in the dozens of billions of dollars, no one would deny that Warren Buffett is rich. But, when asked what it was like, he responded surprisingly. Continue reading ‘What Happens When You Get Rich, According to Buffett’ »

Buffett on the Failings of Market Forecasting

Market forecasting is when analysts make predictions about the stock market, or even about individual companies. These predictors often profess to have some insider knowledge and claim to know what the market is going to do. And much like weather forecasting sometimes they are right, and sometimes they are wrong. Billionaire Warren Buffett, however, doesn’t listen to such things.

Buffett’s mentality, which he has shared multiple times over the years, is that it’s simply laughable to believe anyone can predict what will happen; and, in fact, he doesn’t even try. After all, trying to make decisions on someone else’s guesswork is silly. Following the crowd is never a good idea, and there’s no one who can predict what the market will do. Continue reading ‘Buffett on the Failings of Market Forecasting’ »

Why Buffett Didn’t Start His Philanthropy Earlier

Warren Buffett, the “Oracle of Omaha” is one of the top philanthropists in the world. To date, his charitable donations, mostly in the form of Berkshire Hathaway shares, have totaled to more than $25 billion. Much of his philanthropy goes to the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, but there are a handful of other charities he donates to.

However, Warren Buffett’s philanthropy didn’t really ramp up until the mid 2000s. Prior to that, while he did donate to charity, he didn’t donate much. This brought about a lot of criticism to the Oracle of Omaha. But, recently, in the “Becoming Warren Buffett” documentary, a previously unreleased interview with the late Susan Buffett and other interviews with friends of the family and Warren himself insights into why Buffett didn’t donate his money earlier. Continue reading ‘Why Buffett Didn’t Start His Philanthropy Earlier’ »

Berkshire Hathaway Offices Feature Wall Street Disasters

As a company that has been around in some form or another for more than 50 years, you might expect that the Berkshire Hathaway offices in Omaha, Nebraska, feature memorabilia from the company. Or, perhaps things like awards and outstanding employees; memorable moments, or things related to the many companies that Berkshire owns. Instead, what you’ll find is what chairman Warren Buffett refers to as “instructive art.”

According to the new HBO documentary “Becoming Warren Buffett” while the walls of the offices of Berkshire Hathaway do indeed include some Coca-cola memorabilia and other similar things, they also include front pages of the New York Times featuring famous Wall Street disasters. Continue reading ‘Berkshire Hathaway Offices Feature Wall Street Disasters’ »

Berkshire Hathaway Binges on Stocks After Trump’s Election

Warren Buffett is a staunch Democrat, and he wholeheartedly supported Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Presidental race. However, Buffett is nothing if not a shrewd investor, and that support for Hillary hasn’t stopped him from making the most out of President Trump’s election. In fact, multiple sources have reported that Berkshire Hathaway has purchased around $12 billion worth of stocks since the election results were announced on November 8, 2016.

At the time of writing, the exact stocks which Berkshire purchased were not disclosed, and Buffett dodged questions about specific companies that Berkshire Hathaway had invested in. The filings with Berkshire’s December share lists should be available soon, but it looks like Buffett is feeling pretty confident about the economy under President Trump. Continue reading ‘Berkshire Hathaway Binges on Stocks After Trump’s Election’ »

Berkshire Hathaway Buys German Company Wilhelm Schulz

Last month, Berkshire Hathaway formally announced that it had made a new acquisition in Germany, the second such acquisition in Germany in two years. The company, Wilhelm Schultz, is primarily a maker of high-performance pipes for the oil and gas industry, although it also produces products for the aerospace industry and other industries.

The acquisition was reportedly recommended by Mark Donegan, CEO of Precision Castparts Corporation, one of Berkshire Hathaway’s most recent acquisitions. The purchase itself was made by Berkshire Hathaway itself, not Precision Castparts, although it’s fairly certain that Donegan had a part in evaluating the company and possibly in the actual deal itself.

According to the company website, Wilhelm Schultz manufactures parts in three countries, including Germany, Brazil, and the United States. The American plants are reportedly located in Tunica, MS and Houston, TX.

Historically, Berkshire Hathaway has focused primarily on American companies and owns around 60 different companies (view the full list here). However, in 2008, the holdings company began dipping its toes in the European market and looking for an acquisition.

Berkshire Hathaway’s first purchase in Europe was in 2015 when the company snapped up the German company Detlev Louis Motorradvertriebs, a motorcycle equipment retailer.

While Wilhelm Schultz marks Berkshire’s second foray into Germany, the company purchased an Italian company, Zephir SpA, in 2016. The exact details and price of the deal were not disclosed.